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The Serenity File Series

The Serenity File series is a speculative fiction series in a contemporary setting. It is best classified as an urban fantasy with a science and conspiracy bent to it.

Book 1: The Serenity File

Everything is proceeding as expected for Homeland Security agent Michael Hawke until a freak accident nearly kills his only lead; in fact would have killed his only lead if Dr. Serenity Crowe hadn’t intervened.

According to preliminary reports Dr. Crowe was a child prodigy raised in the foster care system and could heal by touch at age three. This doesn’t explain why she was driving alone on a desolate mountain highway at 3:00am or how she knew to stop precisely where the suspect had driven over the side.

Michael isn’t prepared for the transformation he undergoes while investigating Dr. Crowe. Can he accept his ability to read and create emotions in others, complete his investigation, protect the country he loves, and not let his fellow team members down as the strange link between him and Dr. Crowe grows?

THE SERENITY FILE is a 123,000 word urban fantasy and the first book in a series that explores how unique individuals with extraordinary abilities struggle to find a place in a society that manipulates, punishes, and often destroys those who are different.

Book 2: In the Crosshairs

Work in progress. Description coming soon.